About UNIMIX Filters

UNIMIX Filters is a subsidairy company of UNIMIX Holdings was established in 2016 to manufacture and supply range of filter products and solutions to fulfill the local & internation filteration need. One of the goals in founding the company was to create an atmosphere of respect within the organization as a basis for project teaming to meet specific client needs. Respect for each of our environmental engineer’s strengths leads to the respectful consideration of our client’s needs and naturally results in projects being defined by the client’s objectives. UNIMIX Filters is not driven by the need for growth, quarterly profits, or the promotion and utilization of vested technologies.

Our Valuves

UNIMIX Filters values integrity; our practices are honest, our conduct is legal and ethical. Although we are motivated by a fare return on our investment, we are always striving for win/win partnerships with customers who share our desire to design and build memorial structures that add value to the communities in which they are built and assist cemetery owners in keeping the promise of perpetuity that they have made to their lot holders.


Our Products

UNIMIX Filters is a manfacutre of industrial filter bags, panel filters, filter press cloths and cartridge filters by skilled workers in company owned facility in Sri Lanka

Hight Quality customized Industrial Filter bags

HEPA Filters, V Bag Filters, Panel Filters and more..

Industrial Water, Air and Oil filters..

Filtering Equipments and spare parts.

Our Capbilities

Automated Filter Bags Swing Plant

Our automatic filter bag swing plant able to fabricate 3000 industrial filter bags per month and able to meet our customer deadline.

Panel Filters & Cartridge Filter Manufacuring

Well equiped panel and cartridge filter manufactring plant can produce more than 1000 filters per months.

Storage and warehouse facility

We keep more than 5000 squre meters in stockes to aviod the delay in manufactring in all kind of filters.

Research & development team

We got skilled and talented woker provide the best quialty of filter products to our customers and in relasionship with R&D insitites to provide high quality solutions.

UNIMIX Filters & Technology

178, Pahala Imbulgoda, Imbulgoda, Sri Lanka.


UNIMIX Holdings (Private) Limited

No-10, Wimala Vihara Road,

Nawala, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.

T: +94 (113) 650 750

F: +94 (113) 650 750

M: +94 (706) 996 880

E : sales@unimixfilters.com

W : www.unimixfilters.com

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